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CBD Dog Treats... First Hand Account

A Personal Testimony of CBD Dog treats on our Dogs (during loud fireworks)

Puerto Rico’s Finest CBD dog treats are an excellent choice when looking for a solution to calm your beloved pet's anxiety. As pet owners this holiday season, we worry for our pets as they pace back and forth, bark, whine, and scratch at walls trying to find a way to escape from the loud explosions produced from fireworks.

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(Actual footage of our dogs during the fireworks December 25, 2022)

With a few (depending on your pet's weight) CBD treats, your dog 
will feel a calming sensation within 15-20 minutes. These treats are made with all natural ingredients that are beneficial to your dog's health

Ingredients: Rice flour, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Puree, Turmeric, CBD and water. Each treat being made with 15mg of CBD.

These treats pose no risk to your pet even if given over the recommended amount since it’s all-natural hemp and ingredients. CBD is a cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant. Hemp is a great tool not only for our pets but also for our own daily lives.

Since 80% of mammals, including dogs and humans, have a cannabinoid system, the dogs feel hemp just like us. 

These treats are not only effective but at the best market price for the amount you're getting compared to other companies that produce CBD treats for dogs and by purchasing them you are supporting a growing business in Puerto Rico.

These holidays don’t wait for a bad time to pass and have your pet
suffer and risk getting anxious, lost, disoriented, and much more don’t wait!

Here our pets 15-20 Minutes after taking Puerto Rico’s Finest CBD dog treats while dozens of fireworks were lit on Christmas a few days ago.


Give them a try!! You'll receive before the New Year Festivities if you order soon

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