CBN Chocolate: Nothing sweeter than a good nap

CBN Chocolate: Nothing sweeter than a good nap

Cannabinol is also known as the “marijuana dream cannabinoid” by all the people who associate it with cannabis. This results in a much lower popularity of this compound when compared to THC or CBD. Cannabinol is still a largely unknown substance, like many other compounds in cannabis that have not yet been thoroughly examined.

Most of the health benefits of cocoa and CBN chocolate come from the darker forms of chocolate, which have a higher concentration of cocoa. These products are more bitter, but offer substantially greater health benefits than sugary milk chocolate. The latter lacks many of the stimulant benefits, trace minerals, tryptophan, and antioxidants that make chocolate so healthy.

 Chocolate is actually a perfect vector for CBD for three main reasons:

  • Chocolate is high in fat, which helps improve the absorption of CBD through the digestive tract
  • Chocolate contains a mild stimulant closely related to caffeine (theobromine) that provides additional benefits in reducing mental fatigue and exhaustion
  • The chocolate flavor easily masks the grassy flavor of hemp extracts, helping to hide the taste that some people find unpleasant.

CBN is, especially in combination with a low dose of melatonin, an ideal way to get a good night's sleep.

Some people who take melatonin alone get a headache the next day. To make that foggy feeling go away, CBD is used. However, when you choose to use CBN, combined or not with a bit of melatonin, you no longer suffer from what is called fog.

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