CBN for Sleep: The Perfect Match

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CBN for Sleep: The Perfect Match

Have you heard of cannabinol (CBN)? If not, no worries, not many people know about this recently discovered cannabinoid and lesser known than CBD and THC. The most exciting thing about CBN is that there is a growing line of research suggesting that CBN can you help you go to sleep, naturally!

There are alot of people who cannot sleep!!!

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It's one of the oldest questions of history, with countless generations and cultures asking how they can get a better nights' sleep. 

There are many prescription and non-prescription products on the market purporting to offer better sleep for the user ranging from plant based solutions to prescription pills. The issue is always the side-effects vs the strength of these products. 

Existing Solutions

Usually the plant based medicines are said to be too weak not giving users any appreciable benefits.  On the other side of the spectrum are prescription products that have scary side effects, in fact in 2020, over 1500 Americans died due to overdosage of sleeping pills.

Prescription Pill

According to the National Institute of Health, there have been over 99 peer reviewed studies specifically on what the effects of CBN are on the human body.

Unfortunately for the sleep seekers, the data is inconclusive due to the recent legalization of hemp and ability to research the plant and it's cannabinoids in a meaningful way.  Only since the 2018 Farm Bill has the legalization opened up in the USA, and wider world which lends alot of research to catch up on and tests to conduct. 

However we can give you some relief, CBN probably works!!!

According to multiple research studies, both private and public, CBN is often described as giving users a calming effect that promotes healthy sleep. In fact, in one study  published in June 2021, researchers found that over 80% of participants claimed better sleep after only 5 treatments of low dosage CBN oil. 

Participants, especially males, most often reported receiving 1 extra hour on average of 'good sleep'  per night after taking a nightly dosage of CBN Oil. 

What does this mean for you?

I am not a doctor but from the initial data it seems that CBN is a good first stage product for anyone who desires better sleep. The research is inconclusive however based on the potential benefits it seems to be a worthwhile product to try to gain relief from day to day. 

What's the worst that can happen?


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