Costa Rica and The Hemp Industry!

Costa Rica and The Hemp Industry!


Costa Rica is a small country of 51 030 km2 landmass (19,700 square miles) located in Central America, between Panama in the South-East and Nicaragua in the North. With the Pacific Ocean in the East and the Caribbean Sea in the North-East, Costa Rica has over 800 miles of coastline and 300 beaches. This beautiful country is 51% rainforest and more than 28% of the land in Costa Rica is protected due to its national parks, reserves, and wildlife refuges. And because of the tropical paradise located in here, there is plenty of incredible food that it is exported like: pineapples, bananas, coffee, sugar, rice, tropical fruits, vegetables and more. Besides, you can find amazing animals in this incredible place like the tapir, the coati, the white face capuchin, ocelots, the three-toed sloth, and the scarlet macaw, and that it is just some of the over 500,000 species of animals Costa Rica.

If all of that did not amaze you, Costa Rica does not have an army, that is right. Since 1948 Costa Rica has been a nation without army. On top of that, Costa Rica is a country 100% self-sustaining with its energy coming from hydroelectric and geothermic plants. In Costa Rica there are 7 provinces and because of the size this country has, traveling from one to another is very simple, an example of it is how you can travel from our capital to the nearest beach in a little more than an hour. But just because it is small and relatively easy to travel around it, that does not mean that you will se everything you have to see in a small amount of time. Like mention before, there are plenty of protected land in Costa Rica, to this day, there is a total of 28 national parks, 58 wildlife refuges, 32 protected zones, 15 wetland areas/mangroves, 11 forest reserves and 8 biological reserves. Plus, there are a total of 6 active volcanoes and some of them are beautiful places you must go and see. There is a lot to talk about of Costa Rica, from its ecofriendly environment to the food and the eye-catching views you get with just a few minutes

of travel. Costa Rica might be small compare to other countries, but once you are here, it feels like there is not enough time to join all its wonders.

So, what about hemp?

Besides all these amazing facts it is legal the commercialization of CBD products in Costa Rica like food, beverages, and cosmetics. Therefore, you can consume products like the CBD coffee from Puerto Ricos finest. On top of it, the Costa Rican government is on motion towards the legalization and regulation of the cultivation of hemp and medical cannabis.

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