Delta-8 and The Future

Delta-8 and The Future

Delta-8, an analog of THC, is growing in popularity, as even the subreddit r/delta8 has amassed (as of now) 12.7k followers. Since it is derived from hemp, under the 2018 Farm Bill, it is federally legal. Even though it is isomerized from CBD and people are worried that makes it "synthetic", vendors continue to sell, as it is very popular. Check one of our past blog posts on more information of Delta-8 THC. 

What it means for the Hemp Industry

It is the hemp industry's way of "competing" with the recreational and medical cannabis industry. "Competing" isn't the right term, because more people are using cannabis (whether hemp or cannabis with above 0.3% THC) to for improved wellness. But because it is legal, consumers do not need licenses to enjoy the therapeutic benefits that they otherwise would get from medical cannabis, which they would need to obtain a license for. Easier access means faster route to mass consumption. As there are some barriers to obtaining medical cannabis as well as recreational cannabis/marijuana (it being illegal), consumers will be able to pick up delta-8 products at smoke shops, vape stores, and even gas stations, let alone dispensaries. 

The Future of Cannabis

As cannabis is becoming more and more accepted, delta-8 is partly leading this movement to make cannabis as mainstream as, say coffee. Bold statement, but the cat is out of the bag and regulators are trying to find a symbiotic relationship with this plant and federal and state legislations, as it is very beneficial economically, as the early states that have legalized it have proven (California, Washington, Oregon and Colorado). 

Where to Get Delta-8 Products

Our delta-8 hemp cigarettes are entering vape stores and gas stations in Puerto Rico. If medical/recreational cannabis is illegal in your state, your local vape store / smoke shop about Delta-8. Where cannabis is illegal, users must still exercise discretion when using hemp or delta-8 products. 


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  • Stephen

    D-8 is a great product. Kids can still get pot easier then they can d-8

  • Renee

    I just tried D8 today and I really enjoy it. So light, but enough that I am still very much in control of my thoughts and feelings. Very enjoyable while being a productive adult.

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