El Yunque Rain Forest Travel Guide

El Yunque Rain Forest Travel Guide

El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rain forest in the United States' national forest system. It is one of the smallest rain forest in the system, at only 29,000 acres but it packs a biodiversity punch.  The rain forest contains 100s of tropical trees, plants, animals, and amphibians; over 20 species of trees found in the forest are only native to that specific area. 


The forest was founded in 1876 by the Spanish when it was still a colony of Spain. The park has a panoramic view of most of the east side of the island due to its high elevation with mountain, El toro, reaching an elevation of over 1050M. As part of the National Park System, the park could have a small entrance fee but it is well worth it. 

The Experience

The thing that most do when they visit El Yunque is walk! Through its 29,000 acres of land there are dozens of different trails ranging from as short as a 30 minutes stroll on a paved section to daunting full day hikes that take you miles winding through the beautiful tropical landscape of the island. 

There are limited numbers of campsites at well that are run through the National Park Service where small groups can stay out in the wild hearing the nightly drum of the wildlife, most notably the Coqui! These little frogs dominate the soundscape every night across the rural area of Puerto Rico. 

When is the best time to come?

The best time to come to El Yunque is all year round! Since it's a tropical rain forest there really isn't a weather change. In El Yunque, it can rain up to 4 times per day and the temperatures are constant in the mid 70-80s all the time. The busy season of Puerto Rico usually occurs during the spring break time in the USA March -April and the over the summer. If you like hanging with alot of people come during this time! If you live more of peace come during the winter months where temperatures are slightly cooler but still warm and tropical for most in the USA. 

El Yunque Forest, Puerto Rico

El Yunque will meet your expectations, it is a certainty! Take a trip to the only tropical forest in the USA.  


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