ELEVATED mini "Snickers"

ELEVATED mini "Snickers"

Get creative with us...a recipe by: Carolina DiGiorgio


You will need: 

*Pitted dates

*Peanut butter

*Almonds or peanuts

*Semisweet chocolate chips & a splash of coconut oil 

* FINOS, prfinest D8 oil tincture



*Beet sugar

*Dried cannabis leaves 


Take out the seed in the date

Infused the peanut butter with our D8 oil tincture (quantity is up to you and how you want to feel)

Fill the pitted date with the infused peanut butter and put inside the almond or peanut

Take the semisweet  chocolate and put a splash of coconut oil to melt

*make sure the dates are chill before dipping*

After the chocolate is melted, dip in the dates and decorate with the garnish 

Refrigerate 30 minutes, and enjoy! 



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