Growing Hemp: An increasingly popular custom

Growing Hemp: An increasingly popular custom

With the passage of time, it is increasingly easy to find information about hemp and its derivatives, as well as the benefits that this industry brings both for its consumers and for its sellers. The cultivation of this plant is a mystery for many without really knowing how entertaining it can be, such is the case of Olardy Padilla Cruz, a 29 year old young Puerto Rican who is an active hemp loving grower. physical activity, his wife and future child.

Olardy tells us a bit about his current perspectives from his beginnings in the medical cannabis industry at just 24 years of age:

“From a consumer point of view, products with THC delta 9 have always been my choice, despite the fact that I recognize that those with CBD have the same medicinal potential in people, subtracting the psychoactive effect. As a seller, I have another perspective, there is a large part of people who benefit and prefer hemp, CBD, CBG among other NON-psychoactive cannabinoids; as it does not contain THC, it allows them to continue with their common daily routine. This group of people is the one I have in mind when growing my hemp flower. At the moment I see an opportunity to grow good quality CBD flower for those people who want to benefit from the medicinal attributes of the plant, without its psychoactive effect”.

In addition, he gave us his opinion about the future that the hemp industry holds:

“I see a promising future for agriculture in Puerto Rico, fueled by the growth of the hemp industry. This is a plant that draws attention either for its beauty or for its controversy; Using this to our advantage, plus the education of the general public, we could promote agriculture among the youth of our island. The hemp industry will be of both medicinal and economic benefit. We should all benefit from cannabis, be it THC delta 9, as well as CBD hemp, and its derivatives. "

Olardy is an example for all those who want to enter the industry regardless of their age, gender or social class, anyone can experience the cultivation in a legal and healthy way. Many only visualize their relationship with cannabis for personal use, however; Growing hemp plants can be a great relaxing and environmentally friendly hobby, as well as helping to reduce the stigma and misinformation surrounding this plant.

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