Have you heard of Hemp plastic? Well, it might be the future

Have you heard of Hemp plastic? Well, it might be the future

You might have heard that plastics are very bad for the environment. Well, its completely true, plastic’s durability it’s the dangerous part, meaning that there are so many products using plastic that its accumulating in our lands causing excessive quantities of pollution. Luckily, there might be a solution: hemp plastic.

            Here are four reasons why hemp plastic might be a better alternative than conventional plastics stated by Modi et al (2018). First, it’s the most obvious benefit is its help to the environment “Hemp absorbs four times the amount of carbon dioxide as trees do amid its snappy 12-14 week develop cycle. Delivering hemp plastic likewise requires 22-45% less energy than non-renewable energy source-based items. (…) So, it’s essentially carbon negative, pulling carbon out of the atmosphere and putting it back into the soil.” (p.3) Second, hemp plastic may be better for your health. “The ENE compounds, Toluene, benzene, things like that, which are the most poisonous derivatives of plastics that are produced from hydrocarbons aren’t found in Hemp.” (p.3)

            Third, hemp plastics again, cause less toxicity not only in its composition, but also during its manufacturing “Most of the conventional plastic today is manufactured using petroleum (…) On the other hand, hemp plastic is solely produced using the cellulose extracted from hemp plant and therefore causes no toxicity during its production.” (p.3) Finally, hemp plastic is completely biodegradable: “Hemp plastic is 100% biodegradable and recyclable when it is made using completely a Hemp plant. (…) Plants are harvested and broken down into vital components for production and a product is produced. After its utilization, it is put into a landfill where nature will run its course and separate it into required supplements basic for the plant's development and the cycle is finished”. (p.3)

            If you would like to know more about hemp plastic, we encourage you to read the following article:

Modi, A. A., Shahid, R., Saeed, M. U., & Younas, T. (2018). Hemp is the Future of Plastics. E3S Web of Conferences, 51, 03002.     https://doi.org/10.1051/e3sconf/20185103002

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