Hemp vs Tobacco

Hemp vs Tobacco

Cigarette smoking is on the decline, and for good reason, too, as more people are learning about the harmful effects of tobacco. There is a rising trend as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes and those are hemp cigarettes, or CBD cigarettes as they are sometimes called. It usually consists of ground industrial hemp packed into cigarette sticks. 

Nicotine vs CBD 

Some studies suggest nicotine does have some health benefits, like reducing risk of obesity or Parkinson's disease. Cannabidiol, or CBD, the main cannabinoid in hemp is proving to be therapeutically beneficial in many regards, such as anxiety-relief and pain-relief. There is growing research suggesting that CBD can reduce nicotine cravings. Smoking, more than an addiction to a drug (nicotine), is a habit, and like all habits, its interruption causes anxiety. In this regard, replacing tobacco with vaporized/smoked cannabis and/or CBD may be a useful substitute measure, although this requires more evidence before it can be confirmed.

Smoking Tobacco vs Hemp

No matter which substance you choose to light up, inhaling smoke into your lungs can never be considered strictly safe. Tobacco cigarettes, however, contain nearly 600 additives, and many of these added ingredients are even more harmful than tobacco itself. 

 Tobacco Hemp
Contains nicotine No nicotine; contains CBD
Addictive Non-addictive
increases alertness while providing a sense of relaxation and calm
lowers anxiety, reduces physical pain, reduce inflammation, maintain brain health
Carcinogenic additives No additives


Where to get Hemp Cigarettes

Puerto Rico's Finest hemp cigarettes and delta-8 hemp cigarettes are growing in popularity. People can also try Puerto Rico's Finest hemp joints. If you're a tobacco user, even better. These products are available to help you kick the habit, as the saying goes (or should go), "everybody loves a quitter." 

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