Q&A with Prizefighter & Cannabis Grower Ryan Houston

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Q&A with Prizefighter & Cannabis Grower Ryan Houston

Q: Please give us a brief introduction of yourself, what you do, how long you've been smoking, and what you do for fun?
A: My name is Ryan Houston. I am a professional Prize Fighter and I am currently working as a gardener on an outdoor cannabis farm in Northern California. 
Cannabis Grower
Q: What got you into cannabis? How long you've been a user? How often?

A: I began using cannabis at age 14 with friends after school. It became a regular thing to do since we live in a small town without much to do. I have been smoking for 12 years on a daily basis. 


Q: How often do you smoke? 

A: I smoke often, usually throughout the day. I find that I can smoke and still perform daily tasks without any issue. 


Q: What are your favorite methods of administration? Dabbing? Vaping? Joints? Blunts? Spliffs? 

A: I prefer to roll blunts and joints, this is my favorite method of smoking although I believe the bong is the most effective. I like the ritualistic act of rolling up and passing it around or just enjoying a blunt to myself. Dabs are a bit too much for my taste, so I prefer to put hash and concentrates into my blunts and joints.


Q: How does it make you feel? 

A: Cannabis calms me down and helps me relax and wind down at the end of the day. It is mentally uplifting and can elevate my mood. Certain strains help with creativity and are more uplifting while others help with pain and insomnia and are more relaxing and sedative. Cannabis, for me, goes well with any occasion. 


Q: Do you smoke recreationally or for therapeutic benefits?                         

A: When I was younger, I began smoking just for recreation, either alone or with friends. As I grew older and became more aware of the actual benefits of cannabis and started using it more therapeutically. However, I still use it with friends as a way to get together.


Q: What is your message for other people who are curious about cannabis? 

A: If you are curious about trying cannabis, there are many methods to go about it. I would suggest a few puffs on a joint or bowl as a mild introduction. You should be in a safe environment and having a friend or two around makes it more pleasant. Edibles are also another method that’s good for beginners, but it offers a slightly different feel. The high edibles present is delayed and much more subtle at first, but can become intense later on, so much caution is needed when dealing with edibles. A rule of thumb is; you can always take more if you need to, but you can’t take less so be careful. 


Q: What's your favorite strain? 
A: Blue Dream is one of my favorite cannabis strains. It is a sativa which means it is very uplifting and euphoric. It has been know to help with creative energy and even depression as well. It is a perfect day to day strain. For nighttime use, I favor Purple Kush. Being an indica, it is great for pain, relaxation, appetite, and sleep. 


Q: What would you like to see for the future of this industry? 
A: I believe that there is no limit to the future of the cannabis industry. I would love to see federal legalization, I think that would open up countless doors and bring forth so many opportunities for economic growth. I like to imagine a future with thriving businesses such as cannabis bars, restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, hotels, water parks... the list goes on. Countless jobs and revenue could be created.


Q: What more would you like to learn about cannabis or the cannabis industry? 
A: As a grower, I would love to learn more about plant genetics and cross breeding. This is something that has always fascinated me. I also plan to farther study and gain some more knowledge about making edibles and cannabis concentrates. 


Q: Any word of advice to new users? 
A: My advice to new users would be take it slow and be safe. Experiment with new strains and methods to see what works best for you.


Q: Any words of advice for people in general? 

A: My advice for people in general would be, find out for yourself what cannabis can offer. Everyone has such a unique and individual experience with cannabis that one person’s experience will probably differ from yours. 


Q: How would you say cannabis enhances your experiences, like for instance, training or exercise?

A: I often use cannabis before exercise. Whether I am doing something like running or mountain biking or more intense exercises like sparring or grappling, it helps with focus and meditation. It is easier to get into the “zone” per se when I use cannabis before. 


Q: What's one of your most memorable moments involving cannabis? 

A: My most memorable experience with cannabis would be 04/20/16 in Denver. Three friends and myself made a 12 hour drive to Colorado to experience the cannabis holiday in a legal state. It was all of our first times being able to legally purchase cannabis, something that felt so liberating. Afterwards we gathered with thousands of others, on the lawn of the Denver Capital building and began lighting up together. Clouds of smoke rose through the mountain air and music played loudly from all directions as we expressed our freedom and celebrated the forthcoming change, together. It felt revolutionary in a sense. It felt like we had finally won the freedom to enjoy cannabis as it should be, without worry. 

Cannabis Grower

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