Seniors love smoking weed

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Seniors love smoking weed

You may have thought your grandma does not enjoy a bowl of fresh, green cannabis that will surely make her high as a kite! You would be wrong!!

Seniors are the fastest growing demographic of cannabis users in the USA outpacing even young adults in their use.  There are a few reason why this is happening, we will explore the recent resurgence of weed in the baby boomers. 

1. It works!

Cannabis is proven to help users lessen their dependence on prescription drugs. in fact according to a recent study, in states where medicinal cannabis is legalized, the rate of prescription drug use of seniors dropped from previous levels due to the addition of cannabis in their routine. 

Most users self report that with cannabis they have less side effects from what they would normally experience with taking prescriptions that have often severe side effects. Many people, including seniors, have historically used cannabis to self medicate in an underground sort of way however we legalization dosing and quality control are becoming more regulated which further helps patients find the correct product and dosage for their own body. 

cannabis replaces prescriptions

2. More Cost effective

Looking at the same study on Medicaid Part D spending, states that have legalized medicinal cannabis have saved on average over $150M (yes Million) on prescription drug costs in comparison to their spending before cannabis was legalized. Naturally when you compare the prices of a natural plant and it's valued added product lines, the cost of that product is miniscle in comparison to the hundreds of dollars a month that even a single prescription medicine can cost, even with health insurance. 

Therein lies a huge problem, seniors most often are living on a fixed income, and seniors are the demographic who have the most health related costs in the population. It makes financial sense for a senior to take not only their physical health but in addition to their financial health in consideration when determining what remedy they will try to improve their unique conditions. 

3. No overdosing concerns 

In the history of the world, there has been no confirmed reports of a human overdosing, to the point of death, with the use of cannabis, it does not happen! 

Don't get us wrong, when consuming too much cannabis, a user can feel EXTREMELY  uncomfortable to the point where the world feels like it may end, but it has never happened. This is a relief to seniors, who often due to old age, vision problems, or memory problems have a hard time properly dosing and medicating themselves with prescription drugs. 

In fact, a leading cause of seniors entering late stage care homes is due to the fact that they are unable to properly and accurately medicate themselves with prescription medications. 

4. Lessening of Public stigma

Our grandparents grew up in a time of 'reefer madness' there was an active misinformation campaign that started in the early 20th century with the goal of demonizing cannabis as a dangerous and terrible drug that only poor latinos and blacks used.

The campaign was a multifaceted approach from the public and private sector to make cannabis a pariah in public culture. 50 years ago possessing a simple joint could land you in jail for multiple years due to the harsh restrictions  on cannabis use. That prevented most from even daring to try the plant, and those who did faced extreme danger with law enforcement. 

70s cannabis protest

5. Woodstock was your grandma there?

The 70's ushered in a cultural revolution of free spirit and counter culture that dominated the USA previously. A whole generation that was growing up in that era now are reaching their twilight years.

Before, seen as an act of rebellion, now seen as a multi-billion dollar industry that is spanning the globe, your grandparents may have been one of these 'hippies' that seeded the idea of freedom and control of bodily intake was a basic function of being a free and able citizen. 

What's Next?

Seniors are now having a new awakening currently in society due to the public availability of cannabis, in states that have allowed it. From doctors, to caregivers, to their kids; everyone involved in the caring for seniors understands that cannabis can only help if used correctly. 

Our job, as millennials or Generation X's,  is to support our parents and grandparents in their later stages of life to reacquaint them with a plant that has existed for thousands of years and been used across the globe for its health and industrial benefits.  We are doing our part here to provide products that hopefully give relief to the ones who matter most to us. 

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