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Delta-8 THC explained Delta-8, an analog of THC, is growing in popularity among customers all over the USA. It's a form of hemp that is federally legal across the USA. But is facing growing scrutiny

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CBN may give users better sleep from low dosage uses. Importanly CBN does not appear to have any noticeable side effects with other common medications and drugs giving users a safe approach to try to help themselves with a better night of sleep.

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When shopping for cannabis, you may have noticed to see strains classified into 3 categories: indica, sativa, or hybrid.  Indica strains give a more "body" high, or physically sedating/relaxing effect. These are good to "chill out" to, to listen to with music, watch a movie, or before sleep. Sativa strains give a more "head" high, or cerebrally uplifting/invigorating effect that are good for more problem-solving or creative pursuits.  Hybrid strains fall in the middle.  Even though this is the general rule of thumb, the strain is not totally predictive of its effects — not all sativas produce "head-highs" and not all...

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