Testimonio: Marcia Herra

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Testimonio: Marcia Herra

Marcia Herra is a Costa Rican, born in 1971, mother of 3 children, an integral woman, a family woman, an educational advisor, a businesswoman and more. When we heard her experience we decided to interview her to learn more about the results of her CBD in her life and we asked her a single question:

What has been your experience with CBD?
- One of the things that must be taken into account is that I do not like traditional medicine, I have always tried to avoid it at all costs and just in these times of pandemic, habits not only of eating healthy and exercising, but that in addition to that look for specific food supplements, those that allow us to raise defenses, take care of the antioxidant part, improve digestion, looking for a balance and a healthier lifestyle. As a result of this, I am also interested in asking about these CBD-based products, especially since a person close to me introduced me to the existence of this variety of cannabinoid consumables. I love coffee and my husband loves it even more, and when the first version of CBD was introduced at home it was through coffee, Puerto Ricos Finest CBD Coffee. Hence the curiosity to understand and learn more about this element within foods, such as chocolates or oils. I realized that it has very positive characteristics in the health of the human being and in this way I began to ask questions about how much I could benefit from consuming the oil. I started with the oil first and I wanted to try it because I was already entering the climacteric and the hormonal issue is quite complex and in all of them it is different, and there are many features that are similar, such as the issue of anxiety, disorders of the sleep, humor, are elements that due to hormonal changes are going to be in the process of menopause in a woman's life. When I consulted, I was told positively about the consumption of CBD oil by direct intake or that it was placed in drinks. I recommend you not to self-medicate, It is always better to consult the doctor, or expert people. In my case, I began to consume it on an empty stomach every morning and I did it for two weeks in a row and then I began to see positive effects, especially with the issue of sweating and sudden hot flashes. I had the opportunity to travel to the farm where it is produced, and see the processes, the raw material, the permits and licenses that certify the quality of CBD. Quality is essential when we are going to consume this product, otherwise it could be counterproductive to health. That is why it is good to check the quality, see the technical data sheets and laboratory results of the products that can be found. CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects and there is no feeling of dissociation, or of imagining things, contrary to what some people believed.

CBD is something that will regulate your anxiety, and in my case, I am a businesswoman, and this demands a lot of time, a lot of structure, and a lot of control, which generates stress. The oil helps me manage day to day and controls my anxiety levels during the day and I end up with greater peace, better emotional stability even wanting to be able to talk or take time to interact, being more relaxed because I drove better my time, it has also regulated my sleep, I sleep better and I wake up calmer, and therefore my mood also improves, and I have seen all these results thanks to CBD. As time has passed, I am taking less CBD, since the component remains inside my body and it is not necessary to be taking it every day, now the doses are further away, I take it 2-3 times a week and sometimes I feel like I don't need it. Obviously, in my case, these are very small doses because my stress does not go into peaks of depression or strong anxiety attacks and there are other procedures for that. I would like to make it very clear that if you know someone who suffers from chronic depression or psychotic anxiety attacks, it is best to see a doctor, since CBD works as a regulator and not as an antidote. When I talk about hormonal disorders we are talking about a natural process and in my case it is climacteric (menopause). It is important to emphasize that I also have no chronic diseases and have generally been a very healthy person throughout my life and do not take any other medications.

CBD is an added element of value in your health and that's how I see it. A complement with good nutrition, physical exercise and emotional and mental health.

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