Treating ADD/ADHD with Cannabis/CBD

Treating ADD/ADHD with Cannabis/CBD

Written by Stephanie from @lanubeastral 

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I’m an advocate for combining cannabinoids and terpenes with healthy eating habits to treat Attention Deficit Disorder and co existing conditions that I have like depression, social anxiety and dyscalculia. You probably ask yourself after reading that; “How is that even possible? Cannabis is known for being a killer of productivity or a paranoia enhancer’, and that is a valid question and presumption because of cannabis stigmas but I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to share my story.

The first thing I could tell you about getting medicated with cannabis is that cannabidiol (CBD) plays a huge role on how I get medicated properly for my disorder. Everybody is different and every disorder of attention deficit is also different. There is no easy way to determine how to develop a proper cannabis medication treatment plan. We need to experiment with our bodies and pay attention to it. 

The second thing I could tell you is that there exists a huge variety of cannabis and hemp strains with their own special qualities (or special terpenes). Learning about how the combination of terpenes and cannabinoids may create infinite ways of treatments for multiple health issues is an important step to develop a proper medication plan. For this is essential to know about how even hemp flowers have their own terpene profiles. 

Now, let me tell you about how I end up choosing to treat my conditions combining terpenes with cannabinoids. I discovered I have Attention Deficit Disorder and depression when I was 13 years old. I used prescribed pills till 2019. For me, that was yesterday and I stop using them because I notice a change on myself after consume daily CBD. I have been trying my whole life to give up antidepressants and stimulants because they affects my mood badly. Also, I did not use cannabis until college. I tried marijuana for the first time during my major degree (in 2012). There I noticed that I was very functional and focused after using it. So I started to use it in private for studying and I was amazed of how I ignore everything around and get focused on one thing. Numbers. I got a B+ on statistics and it was super cool because it was the first course of math I could do by myself without repeating it and without tutors. ⁣⁣

Since that moment I started researching about cannabis and basically got educated by myself about how terpenes and cannabinoids enhance themselves creating the effects of the dosis taken. After years of learning I chose to break up with my insecurities and create LANUBEASTRAL at the beginning of 2020, to publish in accessible language all the research I have found from peer reviewed magazines about cannabis.

So, let me share you some important facts about how it is possible to use CBD as medicine. Cannabidiol (CBD) is an important chemical in cannabis and hemp plants. It maintain balance and the well functioning of their cells providing protection. Also it plays an important part of their immune system itself. Our bodies are capable of using cannabinoids as (CBD) because we have an endocannabinoid system welcoming it. Our endocannabinoid system plays an important role in mood, memory, appetite, pain, emotional and cognition regulation. When the CBD molecule gets into our body, our endocannabinoid system welcomes it and uses it to provide balance in our cells as it does in hemp and cannabis plants. 

Meanwhile, there is emerging scientific evidence suggesting that certain terpenes may be able to protect and support our digestive system and our liver, therefore indirectly supporting our cognitive system. ⁣After learning about how cannabinoids and terpenes interact, I doubled my dosage of CBD over any other cannabinoid and start to find out which terpenes where better for the state of mind I was trying to achieved.

Today, after almost a year of using CBD and identifying the best terpenes for me and planning my diet, I have a productive and focused life without prescription pills. I’m starting to prepare myself to take the BAR exam to be admitted as an attorney in Puerto Rico and I’m creating my own eco conscious clothing line handmade by myself. I’m full of life and happy of what I have learned to plan for myself a proper natural medical treatment. 

I invite others to learn about cannabinoids and terpenes. I think we might find health in nature for many conditions and we should learn more about it. 


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Treating ADD/ADHD with Cannabis


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