CBD cigarettes are a healthy, non addictive alternative to tobacco cigarettes !  These smokes contain high levels of CBD , less than .3% ∆9 THC, and NO nicotine. They do NOT get you high, are non-intoxicating, and are completely federally legal in the United States. 

Many users have reported CBD cigarettes to be an extremely useful substitute for tobacco cigarettes.

There are many useful ways CBD cigarettess can help curb nicotine addiction.
1. May reduce nicotine cravings
2. Curb habitual addiction by looking and feeling just like a tobacco
3. Provide natural anxiety/ stress relief

One study showed that participants who were given a CBD tobacco alternative to use when nicotine cravings arose ended up smoking 40% less cigarettes than other participants who were given a placebo CBD tobacco alternative !  The placebo group saw no change in tobacco use !

Several other studies have indicated that CBD is a natural remedy against stress and anxiety, as well as a tool to reduce impulsive behavior. Because CBD cigarettes look and feel like tobacco cigarettes the habitual component of addiction is satisfied, while the actual CBD works with your endocannabinoid system to relieve stress and anxiety. 


Due to CBD’s broad effects, neuroscientists predict that, “CBD has therapeutic potential relevant for multiple conditions that underlie relapse risk, including craving induced by drug-related environmental contexts, susceptibility to stress, heightened anxiety and, possibly, impaired impulse control.”

Although more human research is needed , early studies indicate that CBD is a promising natural remedy for addiction.

More research is needed before CBD products can be designated as an official aid to smoking cessation, CBD cigarettes seem to offer great promise as a tobacco substitute to aid in the fight to quit smoking. 

Puerto Rico’s Finest CBD Cigarettes are rolled with 100% organic CBD hemp flower and contain no tobacco, nicotine, or additives.


By helping to reduce nicotine cravings and having an identical look, feel, and experience as traditional tobacco cigarettes, CBD cigarettes are a perfect tool to aid in quitting tobacco.  

Mariely said, “LOVE THESE. They taste great and satisfy the inner cigarette smoker in me without the gross parts, and I can have one anytime anywhere without the terrible lingering cigarette smell.”

Jeremy said, “Buying a carton NOW ! Great for fulfilling the urge to smoke (especially right now when things are really stressful) 

Rafael said “Very satisfied with these. They have helped me cut back my cigarette habit drastically !  No funky taste or large seeds packed in like other hemp cigarettes out there”

Research and user feedback suggests that CBD cigarettes can be a safe, effective, and enjoyable tobacco substitute, helping users succeed in their fight to quit smoking once and for all.

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