Why sleeping is good for you?

Why sleeping is good for you?

We all know that sleeping feels amazing! Nothing better than finally sleeping after a long day. But some people underestimate the power of having a good sleeping schedule. For adults, you need approximately 7 to 8 hours of sleep, for teens it’s a little more with about 9 hours, for kids it’s around 10 hours and finally babies take 16 hours of their day sleeping. And this makes sense, because babies need a lot of sleep to grow into strong humans; this meaning that there is a correlation between sleep and a good healthy life. 

An example of a benefit of a good sleeping schedule is maintaining a relaxed mind, meaning that the less you sleep, the more you produce a hormone called cortisol or the “stress hormone”. Another important benefit is that sleeping helps with the cellular regeneration because during this period our brain focused on less things, meaning that your cells get oxygenation easier by so creating itself faster; we can explain this phenomenon with the eyes because during sleep they rejuvenate of all of the light damage that it suffered during the day. 

While talking of sleeping, it’s important to know that for some people, sleeping can be very hard to accomplish. Luckily, we have cannabinoid CBN that has shown to work with insomnia. CBN does not contain any THC or psychoactive components and its very specific to treat anxiety and sleep by relaxion of the body. 

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