Women Conquering Wednesday: Sarah Gamboa

Women Conquering Wednesday: Sarah Gamboa

Sarah Gamboa is a 21 year old Costa Rican girl who loves activity and doing sports or outdoor activities in connection with her environment. This girl has been an example for those people who do balance board in her country since not only had she dedicated herself to this sport as a hobby, but she has also been a three-time national champion! Unfortunately, Sarah suffered from an injury which kept her out of activity for a while: “It is a sport that I am passionate about to this day… I currently do not practice it due to an injury to my left knee, which I am dealing with. therapy and CBD to practice it again, perhaps not as before, but to continue in constant movement and balance "

She also mentioned that he got to know the world of cannabis at the age of 14, moments in which he considers his decision a bit hasty and uses them as a bridge to learn about the real properties of cannabis and the importance of consuming it responsibly: " Currently, one with more maturity to see things, to understand more about cannabis, already makes a perhaps “more correct” decision of why to continue consuming weed or not ”. Sarah currently uses CBD products to alleviate her physical ailments, as well as improve her quality of sleep and reduce her anxiety levels. “Previously, having been younger, I had heard about the healing, medicinal and good properties of the hemp plant, so today with my knee injury I began to investigate more and for that reason Puerto Rico's Finest found me and I began to using products like CBD oil… after just one week using CBD oil the knee pain disappeared radially, the pain decreased from 8 to 3 and there were even days that I had no pain at all ”.

Sarah is currently one of the many people that CBD has benefited not only to reduce the symptoms of her physical problems, but also to improve her quality of life in a natural and progressive way, on behalf of PRFinest, we hope to continue helping many more people like her using the incredible properties of hemp and removing the stigmas that have surrounded the world of cannabis for years.

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