Chocolate 70% Cacao

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Dark Chocolate 70% Cacao

A great mixed origin chocolate straight form the cacao farms of Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.  This is a dark chocolate but has a soft flavor that will be tasty to even the occasional chocolate eater. Expect an intense chocolate flavor but followed by smooth notes of roasted almonds, pairs well with our medium roast coffee. 

Fragrance notes: mild chocolate flavor,  hints of almond

This bar is compromised of  70% cacao, 22% milk/creme, and 8% raw cane sugar creating a wonderfully balanced chocolate bar

Cannabinoids: This chocolate is available in CBD for relaxing sensations, D8 for mild indica euphoria, CBN for sleep aid, THCO for high sativa euphoria,  and CBG for elevated focused. 

Sizes: This comes in an individual 0.3 oz square and a full size 2.4oz bar 


Ingredients: cocoa, milk cream powder, cocoa butter, raw cane sugar, vanilla powder

Cocoa: 70% minimum