Currently We Have This Positions Open:

1. Bilingual Customer Service Agents - Online Based. This would involve email and phone support to various consumer and business customers that the company has.  

2. Sales Account Manager - Global. This position will involve targeting stores in a specific geographic region to onboard new accounts for the company.

3. Artificial Intelligence Development. This position would be a multi disciplinary role focusing on how to use technology to improve farm and general business processes.

A. Understanding how to build perfect organic mix for plants based on health of plants
B. Understand how to analyze product solutions to develop better packaging and user preference
C. Be able to determine how to craft best messages to be able to change text
D. Being able to build script use that program smmry to auto generate text communication for simulated human to human interaction

4. Roboticists. This position would involve building custom machinery for farm and production use in an agile way using rapid prototyping development style.

5. App Developer, this person would be critically involved in developing our mobile app ecosystem for making users data more easily transferable and making ordering and reordering more streamline.