Q: Is hemp legal? 

A:The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp cultivation federally legal as well as the production and sale of hemp-derived products, like CBD. Hemp production is legal in 46 states and the farm bill allows Idaho, Mississippi, New Hampshire and South Dakota to continue to ban production of the crop within their borders. 

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived CBD is federally allowed in every state, and licensed companies are allowed to commercially distribute CBD products across state lines.

Q: What else do you grow?

A: We grow organic fruits and vegetables. 

Q: Do you offer wholesale?

A: Yes, we do. Send us an e-mail. 

Q: Is your product organic?

A: Yes

Q: Can I pass a drug test after using your product?

A: We make NO guarantees that any person will be able to pass a drug test after using our products. Many do, but some definitely do not. There has been very little research on the subject, so we are unable to offer any insight regarding what amounts may cause a hot test.

Q: Do you have a military, first responder, or medical discount?

A: Yes! Please send an email to admin@prfinest.com for more details.

Q: Do you have a rewards program?

A: We do! If you'd like to learn more, please check out for a breakdown of the program.

Q: How can I/should I use your flower?

A: Honestly, any way you'd like. The only thing we do NOT recommend is eating a raw nug. That isn't fun for anyone. 

Q: When will you restock your flower?

A: We're working to restock flower as often as possible (at least once or twice each day)!

Q: Can I get two 1/2 ounces for the price of one ounce?

A: Unfortunately, no. However, we're more than happy to share a discount code with you! Just shoot us an email.

Q: Has my order shipped?

A: We need two full business days to process your order, so if it has been less than that, it's entirely possible that we need more time to finish it up.

Q: Why is my order taking so long?

A: We do our best to ship out every order within 48 hours, but we are a small team, so we still ask that you give us two business days to process your order. More often than not, the delay can be blamed on the USPS. Edit: Due to COVID-19, shipping delays have increased. 

Q: What are your acceptable forms of payment?

A: We accept all major credit cards. 

Q: I haven't received a tracking number!

A: Lately, a lot of our emails seem to be going into peoples' spam and promotions folders. Did you check there? If you still don't see it, feel free to reach out to admin@prfinest.com!

Q: Where's my package?

A: First Class Shipping takes 3-5 business days! Also, it is the same as Standard Shipping, aka Free Shipping. Don't pay more for shipping if you don't have to! We're required to list them as different options, even though they're all the same.

Q: It says my order has been delivered, but I don't see it!

A: Oh no! We hate to hear this. The USPS tracking system will often list a package as "delivered" for multiple days before it actually arrives, so you should probably give it another day or two. If you still don't see it, please reach out to your local post office, as they'll give a customer far more info than they'll give us. Then stay in touch, and let us know what happens! We're happy to help how we can.

Q: What's the Difference Between Δ8-THC and Δ9-THC?

A: The main difference between Δ8-THC and Δ9-THC is how it interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system. Δ8-THC binds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors which are located in the central nervous system, similar to THC. The difference between the two is where the the bonds are contained on a molecular chain. Δ8-THC contains its bond on the 8th carbon chain while Δ9-THC's bond is on the 9th carbon chain. This small difference actually causes notable contrasts in how the endocannabinoid’s receptors bind and respond to the molecule. This minor difference reduces the psychotropic effects of Δ8-THC when compared to Δ9-THC.

Q: Is Δ8-THC Legal?

A: In short, yes! The 2018 Farm Bill confirms “all derivatives, isomers, and cannabinoids in hemp are legal”, however, it set restrictions stating all final products must contain 0.3% (or less) Δ9-THC. The Δ8-THC products that contain hemp will always contain 0.3% or less Δ9-THC. Although there are no current age restrictions from the federal government on hemp derived products, our company policy is to sell to those 18 years of age or older. Federal regulations state inhalants can only be consumed by those who are 21 years of age and older in the United States, thus the Δ8-THC cartridges are an age-restricted product. 

Q: What Could Δ8-THC Help With?

A: Studies and clinical trials are still underway, but some of the benefits of Δ8-THC are coming to light. Research performed to date on the effects of Δ8-THC have shown that the compound can help reduce anxiety, calm the body's reaction to stress, improve mood and motivation, increase appetite, and also assist with aches and pains. Δ8-THC could be beneficial for:

  • Customers wanting a stronger psychotropic product.
  • Customers looking for an alternative to Δ9-THC with less psychoactive properties. 
  • Customers looking for assistance with anxiety, stress and mood without the paranoia or increased anxiety.  
  • Customers looking to improve appetite and reduce nausea. 
*Please review product warnings before recommending and/or consuming Δ8-THC products. 

Q: What are the effects of Δ8-THC? 

A: Δ8-THC is considered to be a psychotropic compound, which means that it has the ability to alter one’s mood, behavior, or perception. Research on the effects of Δ8-THC have shown the compound can help reduce anxiety, calm the body's reaction to stress, improve mood and motivation, increase appetite, and also assist with aches and pains. Users reported psychotropic feelings of calm and an improvement in mood.

Q: Does Δ8-THC show up on drug tests? 

A: Δ8-THC metabolites may trigger many drug tests looking for Δ9-THC metabolites. As a precaution, you should not take this product if you need to pass a drug test.