Colored Moonrocks

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Our Moonrocks are finally here!! These moonrocks have been perfected over the past few months to bring you the strength of a pure dab in the convenience of a beautifully crated moonrock that can be used in any vaporizer, pipe, or whatever device you like to get you buzzing 🐝 🐝

These rocks are made by taking a nugget of our finest cbg hemp and then dipping them in a propietary mix of d8, hhc, and thco cannabinoids to create a proper entourage effect. After that they are rolled in our finely sifted kief that has been colored by natural dyes to give users a true cannabis experience in a completely holistic way. Full Throttle 🧯💨⛽🫕🔥. 

The Moonrocks are strong do not forget just because they are beautiful they will also creep up and bite you if you gorge on them . Please use responsibly and share with all your friends.