D8 Massage Oil

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Each bottle contains 200mg of D8.
Serving size 0.5oz = 25mg
8 Serving Total


D8 lubricant can address many issues common in sexual dysfunction and can offer a more relaxing and pleasurable experience for women and men, couples, and singles.

To use the product, shake well before use to make sure the mixture has a smooth consistency. A quarter-sized dollop is usually suitable for most customers, but it is safe to use more if needed or desired.

You can apply wherever you so desire, depending on the planned activity, and the product is suitable and safe for use both internally (such as the vagina) and externally.

Cannabis-enhanced sexual products work best when they’ve had a chance to absorb into the skin first, and the recommendation is applying the oil at least 15 minutes before sexual activity.

It should be noted that any D8 oil-based lubricant should not be used with latex condoms. Any oil-based product, interacting with the latex, can degrade the integrity of the condom and render it ineffective.